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The Universe is always moving you forward!

Have you noticed how life is always pulling you forward and that your resistance to that pull is always what causes you stress, staying stuck, miserable and broke?

I know you can feel it: the fire in your belly is running through your veins like hot lava ready to erupt from a volcano!

Your purpose is calling, heck, screaming at you! It's time to play big! Now!

Your message wants to be heard in the 4 corners of the world!

But you, still, resist the pull, put out the fire, don't answer the call, and shut your mouth because you have 101 reasons why you can't!

Well, that's true, you think you can't so you can't!

At the time this picture was taken, I was homeless, living in a temporary accommodation in one room with my three boys. The lowest time of my life! Rock Bottom!

But I refused!!! I refused with all my heart to look, speak, live, behave like less than who and what I knew I was called for! I mean who gets to stand next to a Fashion Mogul and think shit of themselves? Not this girl!!!


You see, it was a "temporary" accommodation, a temporary situation!

You see that right there was God telling me: "don't worry girl, I got your back! Look what I've got in store for you! Look where I'm taking you! Have faith! Put that "freakum" dress on and sow up like the goddess you are!

Some of you are stuck in the temporary making it your everlasting!

You think that because right now you don't have x, you can't do y! 

But trust me, God's plan is always the best and He will always prosper you no matter what your current situation is because your mess today will be turned into a message another day!

You are called for greatness!
You are called to live a grand life!
You are called to manifest miracles!
You are called to play big, I mean very big!
You are called to live in abundance, where you want, with who you want, with how much money you want!
You are called to be happy all the damn time!
You are called to be filled with joy and only joy!
You are called for whatever the heck you want to be called for!

But by no means you're called to live a less than what you are called for life!

Refuse to settle for less and life will give you more than you're craziest desires!