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Comment Garantir Ton Succès!

La perception que tu as de toi-même aura un effet dramatique sur ton niveau de réussite. 

Ton estime de soi est directement liée à ta capacité à prospérer dans ton biz.

Tu as peut-être les outils et les compéctences, mais sans le bon système de croyance, c'est pas gagné!

Une croyance essentielle à maintenir c'est que tu mérites le succès que tu travailles si dur à accomplir. Yes, yes!

Tu dois avoir cette croyance à un niveau profond, inconscient et émotionnel. 

Tu dois croire que tu mérites l'abondance dans ta vie. 

Tout doute ou peur t'empêchera d'aller de l'avant et d'atteindre tes objectifs. 

Cela n'a rien à voir avec ce que tu fais au niveau conscient. 

Il s'agit de la façon dont tu te perçois sur un niveau inconscient.

Laisse-moi partager avec toi une page de mon livre:

Au moment cette photo a été prise, il ya de cela trois ans, j'étais sans abris et je vivais dans un foyer avec mes trois garçons.

Je partageais une chambre avec mes trois enfants pour être correcte!

Un des moments ou j'étais au plus bas dans ma vie! Rock Bottom!

Et tu vois j'ai appris que quand tu te retrouves par terre, tu ne peux que regarder vers le haut! Amen?
Et j'ai refusé !!! J'ai refusé de tout mon cœur de ressembler, parler, vivre, me comporter comme une moins que rien!

Moins que celle que je savais que j'étais appelée à être! Une battante, une femme d'influence et d'impact!

Je veux dire, qui se retrouve à côté d'une icône telle que Stella McCartney et pense de la merde d'elle-même? (excuse my french) Pas moi!
J'ai eu un moment de doute ou je me suis sentie comme une imposteure. J'avais honte et me suis sentie gênée d'avoir l'audace d'aller m'incruster dans un event aussi prestigieux! 

Et puis je me suis rappelée que Proverbes 18:16 dit: "Les présents d'une femme;) lui élargissent la voie, Et lui donnent accès auprès des grands."




En moins de temps qu'il n'en faut pour dire yes, j'ai du rassembler toute ma force mentale, mon énergie, ma confiance, ma foi et ma robe rouge ;) afin de pouvoir continuer à avancer dans mon business malgré mes circonstances.

The devil is a liar...le diable est un menteur! 

Tu n'es pas à la merci de tes circonstances, sauf si tu le choisis. 

Ce que tu perçois de toi-même n'est qu'une fraction de ce que tu es réellement et du pouvoir que tu as vraiment.

Tu peux et tu te dois de prendre le pouvoir de créer ta propre expérience et tes circonstances et je peux te montrer comment. 

Si tu as sérieusement envie de développer et monétiser ton biz ligne et devenir la meilleure version de toi-même, 

je t'invite à rejoindre ma nouvelle tribu en ligne: First Class Success Club.

Les portes s'ouvrent demain pendant 7 jours et j'ai fait quelque chose de fou: j'offre l'investissement à 25 euros par mois au lieu de 97 pour ceux qui s'y joignent dans les 7 prochains jours! 

Dépêches-toi parce que dans 7 jours, je fermerai les portes et le prix reviendra à 97 euros par mois pour t'abonner!


A très bientôt 


PS: la belle au milieu c'est Stella McCartney juste au cas ou ;)


How to Play Big in Business

As President of Lillie Mae PR and Creator of the Glambitious Empowerment Network - Lillie Mae has dedicated her efforts to empowering, recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs of all facets around the country.  From London to Nigeria, she has connected with women through books, masterclasses, innovative events, to provide them with unique resources that will elevate them professionally and personally.  She's created a hub at specifically for women to secure exposure opportunities and educational tools that will help them accomplish their dreams.

In 2016 she hosted her signature Glambitious Tour in Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and Washington DC.  She also honored a number of top female influencers including Lisa Nicole Cloud and Saptosa Foster, as well as presented the first annual Glambitious Business Grant to a deserving entrepreneur.  Her Public Relations efforts have extended nationally for client placements including USA Today, BET Networks, Madame Noire, The Tom Joyner Morning Show & Yahoo News.  For her empowerment work, Lillie Mae herself has been featured on Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, The Examiner, Uptown Magazine, Kontrol Magazine and the front cover of BE Magazine. 

STOP PLAYING SMALL | Interview Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett is the Founder and Editor of House of Coco magazine, one of the largest travel magazines in the UK.

Laura has overcome rejection on Dragons Den, bankruptcy and has picked herself up from being at the bottom and created a highly popular and inspiring magazine, along with picking up awards and accolades along the way. The magazine now retails in many stores in London such as Selfridges, Harrods, WHSmith and is available in the App Store.

Life of Laura one month ago was just a small idea with huge potential. As someone who travels the world frequently, visiting exciting and wonderful places, Laura now wants to take her subscribers on the journey of not only her business side of life and what it's like to be a #Girlboss, but also her travels around the world

Life of Laura has partnered with Land Rover, the official car partner for this series.

If you would like to follow the Life of Laura on other social media platforms here are the links: 
Snapchat - @laurabartlett87
Instagram - @laurabartlett0
Facebook - laurabartlett1987
Twitter - laurabartlett0

For business enquiries:

STOP PLAYING SMALL | Interview with Camilla Kristiansen

We continue this series with the gorgeous and successful Mentor, Speaker and Stylist Camilla Kristiansen from she shares with us what it took to leave her 9 to 5 and go all in in her business and the defining moment she decided to step up her game. Head over to her website and grab your free gift!

Listen, this interview series is the tip of the iceberg in how I really want to help you step up your game. On the 1st of May we kick off the Shameless Visibility Free Challenge and this is for you if you're sick and tired of playing small and you're ready to step it up and go all in!

STOP PLAYING SMALL | Interview Desiree Stafford

Desiree Stafford shows high achieving coaches, experts, and spiritual entrepreneurs how to consistently attract "YES on the spot" clients WITHOUT burn out.

She took her business from struggling to success when she collapsed her YEARLY income into 90 DAYS by adopting a QUANTUM leap mindset, DEFYING "cookie cutter" marketing strategies.

Grab her free training on

STOP PLAYING SMALL | Interview Tanja Seetzen

Tanja believes that: Style is so much more: It‘s your smile, your attitude, your personality, your brand, your business. Everything belongs to your own personal style as it is YOU and what you are doing it. No one is like you! And this is what you can and should show to the world – to your clients – to be seen as you want to be seen.

You can find here:


STOP PLAYING SMALL | Interview Ronne B

My Guest for this episode of The Haut De Game Interview series is multiple 7 figures entrepreneur Ronne B from

Ronne Brown is a wife, mother, coach, author, speaker, entrepreneur and over comer. She has influenced thousands of entrepreneurs by teaching them to achieve success on their own terms. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Brown inspires others to live and dream big. Ronne worked hard to change the trajectory of her life. 

Ronne worked hard to change the trajectory of her life. She went from being a statistic to a success story. She worked long hours as a janitor while pregnant, but she didn’t allow that obstacle to make her lose sight of her purpose. Even though the odds were stacked against her, she was determined not to allow her past circumstances to stop her from achieving her goals. After being laid off from her job with only an unemployment check as her income, and three children to take care of, she knew she had to make a change. She was determined to face her fears, and step into her purpose. The lessons she learned on her journey as a teen mom gave her the courage to launch several business ventures.


In 2009, she founded High Heels High Goals, an exclusive, non-profit organization that teaches women how to be successful entrepreneurs and empowers women to reach their goals. Because Ronne has a heart for women, on any given day you can find her pouring into the lives of other women by speaking positive words, sowing seeds to assist with start-up costs in a new business venture, or coaching a woman to success.

In 2014, Ronne launched The Millionaire’s Academy, where she teaches people all over the world how to leverage the direct sales industry and earn income from home. Through this program, she has helped men and women create 6-figure incomes, become debt free, and live life on their own terms. Her vision is to empower others to succeed in business, and inspire people to leave a legacy for generations to come. She coaches entrepreneurs by using the strategies and methods she used to grow her own business and develop her as a leader. She believes, “Success is no accident, if you want to achieve amazing things and build a successful business, you have to do it on purpose for a purpose.”

Listen to her giving us a wealth of insight,  sharing her leadership wisdom and best success advice.

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My Personal Love Affaire With Confidence: The Story Of An African Pageant Princess.

This might be the most uncomfortable blog post of my social life (LOL) but I'm not fitting in the comfort box anymore!
Memories of my childhood in Africa have been flooding my mind for the past week revealing to me why I do what I do. That's what happens when you mess up with hypnotherapy ha!

The little girl is not me but since I have no pictures to illustrate my story, I used this gorgeous princess.
Up to the age of 9, I was a little pageant princess in Africa. The women in my neighbourhood used to organise competitions where they would have us dressed in traditional outfits, do our hair, teach us how to walk down a catwalk, strike a pause...

It all happened in the streets because there was no catwalk as such, we had to walk down a path drawn on the ground with a stick.
The winner would be the one who walked down the catwalk the best and really worked it on that catwalk. 

People would clap hands as we walked down as if to give a beat to our steps.
I loved it so much, the best memories of my life!
There was no prize for the winner except for a delicious meal cooked by the mamas and I can see myself eating a lot of times, so I'm not making this up when I say I used to win those little competitions. Hahaha still love my food!
We were taught to walk with our heads high, be proud, be the centre of attention for that short period of time and celebrated by our community. So I grew up with a lot of confidence and self-esteem.

At 9 years old, my dad moved us to France where I grew up until I moved to London 10 years ago!
The shock of my life!!!
Bye bye sunny Africa, hello freezing Europe!LOL
Very quickly, I had to adapt to a new school, new culture, French was not new so there was no language barrier...but it all happened very fast.
Still, the little princess was still there, moving differently, dressing differently, confident as Heaven!

Until they started telling her that it was not ok.
My teenage years were tough, I did not have many girl friends.
I started hearing things like: "who does she think she is", "she is so full of herself", "she is so proud", "she doesn't mix with anybody"
(They were right, I've always been very cautious with who I let in my entourage and those I let in are still my friends today <3)

Little by little I started walking with my head down, I didn't want to have any eyes on me or be the centre of attention or be talked about behind my back, I became shy and very quiet and just blended in.
But somehow, even in my silence, I always stood out. God knows why.
I believe I have a strong presence and no matter how much I try to hide it, I can never burry it.

I don't care if I come across as boasting, I'm really not!
You've got to know your strengths and I'm very aware of mine but just kept them to myself because of that fear of being seen as being too much.
I heard those same criticism in my adult years, some people would call me narcissistic, others say I was too proud, others yet that I was too posh, others too intelligent??!! 

And I believed them, I took in the criticism and boxed myself in a safe cocoon...but the cocoon has expired!!!!

I want to apologize for not showing you the real me, you've just seen glimpses of me so far but I'm about to go unapologetic on ya'! With love as MJ would sa
The fact that I'm a Style Coach today and have been teaching Personal Branding (bet you didn't know that?) is not a chance, I was born for this shizzle and excel at it! I've just been playing safe.

I'm used to being in the spotlight and I must say, I love it! Not ashamed! And I need to feel comfortable being in the spotlight because I have a Divine purpose to fulfil. It's not about me, it's about you! About all that I can gift you with my presence and my love!