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So you are another mentor, business visionary, entrepreneur… on the square and you have been hit by that shocking, certainty sapping feeling of being the wrong individual or playing in the wrong playground? Or most commonly known as the Impostor syndrome or shall I say Imposteur?

If you fear that someone is going to find out about you and your lack of experience and shout out to the whole world that you’re just a newbie and have nothing to show for yourself then you have experienced the “Imposteur” syndrome!

Pas-de-panique! Everybody goes through this even the most successful have at least once been through this phase. The worst thing is that it is not even guaranteed that once you have dealt with it you will never ever go though it again.

Imposteur syndrome usually causes you to shut down, close and even lock yourself in a dark closet and never come out again. You fear saying or doing something that will make you look odd and out of place. The danger is that you might show a brittle and somehow fake sense of confidence that people will sense and make them suspicious. Non non non we do not want that!

It’ s like what my favourite coach Tony Robbins calls a crazy eight, the more you hide and close down, the less you contribute. And you’ll agree with me that you came into business, especially the service business to make a contribution right? The minute you second guess yourself is the same moment that people will doubt and lose faith in you.

If you want to shine, Be Seen, Be Heard and Get Paid, you have to ditch the “Imposteur” syndrome (quote) .Here’s how you do that. It’s time to come out of your closet.

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1) Understand your flaws and learn to make them flawless

I absolutely hate saying this but hey here you go: Nobody is perfect! What makes you unique is a combination of your strengths and weaknesses or flaws.

Understanding your flaws will bring you a clear perspective on your offer and a better sense of how others perceive you and will make you more humble in the process. You won’t pretend to be someone you are not, which will save you so much life energy. Nothing is more life consuming than trying to be someone you are not.

Your flaws bring depths to your personality as much as your gifts and talents. Heck, they make you human. Isn’t that a good news? The people who are in you life and who really love you do so because you are you, no more, no less! Why not accept yourself in the same way?

2)Take the pressure of trying to be good at everything. 

Ok you are new and I understand that, been there and still there if I am honest with you. In the beginning it is a one woman/man show. There is a lot to learn and a lot that you have to do by yourself until you build up income and start hiring different people and delegate.

In the process you will discover some hidden talents and abilities you thought you did not have.

In the meantime, there are so many platforms where you can get some work done. Fiver and Iwriter are two of my favourite ones.

Focus on what you are good at and find a way to fill the gaps. Where there’s a will, there will always be a way.

And when you self talk starts to get negative, remind yourself that you have some freaking awesome sauce to bring to the party!

3) Know thy offer! There lies your personal Power.

What is it that you offer? What is that one thing you do really well? That is your starting point and that is where you build confidence from. Consider the following questions:

How does your offering satisfy a need in the market? In the lives of your target market?

What makes your offer so unique and special?

Why would anybody buy from you?

Most crucially, do you believe in your offer?

In a saturated market where everybody seems to be doing the same, it is crucial that you know exactly what your offer consists of and how different it is from anybody else even if you are offering the same service as everybody else.

There are hundreds of brands of shoes, however according to your preferences, morphology, values, budget and style you choose according to what pleases and suits you and responds to your needs.

4) Accept and recognise your weaknesses and strengths

Learn to recognise your talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses; you will become less self-conscious and develop more perspective on yourself. Big up your possibilities and shrink your limitations. Find the balance because if you over think your weaknesses, you will become defeated.

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page a picture that said: “Don’t ditch your quirks”. Realise that your quirkiness is the thing that makes you specifically you. You do not need to give up on these because you are in business now.

People crave originality, individuality and authenticity. Being able to be yourself is a quality sought after by so many. There is so much pressure to be, do, act and look a certain way to be successful that when you are able to be yourself I think you are half way there.

Regardless of your industry, recall that your offering is made of the things that make you special, not what makes you look like any other person.

Don’t ditch the real you because you think people will like, appreciate or buy from somebody else and put on a… CLICK TO TWEET

Be fearlessly you and people will love you for that! Trust that you offer something very unique and that you are enough just the way you are. You really do not want to become a diluted version of anybody or become what you think everybody wants you to be in order to succeed.


To your #fearless Success


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