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WHO'S BAD? How Shadow Self Can Increase Your Success Factor!

You know you're bad and have this secret attraction towards everything bad so why resist? Ok, just kidding!

No seriously, you were born free and you've learn to be caged and cage yourself. We were born relentless taught to be relent. We come to this life in the purest form and little by little we learn to veil our Souls and dim our Divine lights just so we can please mum and dad, be good  girls until good girls go bad and rebel! But why wait until you come to a breaking point?

Tu succeed in life or biz we literally have to be like babies again: we do things our way. If your a parent, you know that nobody can argue with babies, its their ways or nothing and then we train them to adapt, adapt to exterior rules, we tame them. Don Miguel Ruiz speaks of domestication! He says that we literally "train our children like we train dogs." It may sound harsh to you but if you haven'r read "The Four Agreements" please do so. I highly recommend it!         

When we’re born, we are  totally, wholly and insatiably relentless. But at one point in  life we stop doing what comes naturally because we’re taught that it was bad. The first time we said "No" to our parents, was the moment the "domestication" started. We took all our urges, gut feelings and desires and hid them where no one could see them; deep down inside.

No wonder why when we’re older being who we truly are is so difficult. Now you need to learn to say "No", you wait to be told and given the permission to say no. You need to know that you're safe now, there's no one to please anymore. 

We have to go back in and dig deep in that secret place, reconnect with our desires and grant ourself the permission we’ve been stolen when we were kids and finally stand up and be who we really are.

Most of the times, it needs to be triggered to come out. You know when someone tells you you can't do something and you get pissed off and outperform? Yeah, THAT feeling!

We need to reclaim that part of ourselves that rebelled when being told what to do or did not want to conform or behave, that shadow is what will allow us to be great and fully self express our highest selves. Because that shadow is the REAL YOU!

Your shadow self is the fearless, bold and relentless one. The one you've put to sleep but at the same time, the one you need to help you kick ass and get things done. She lives in the Zone and that's the only place you can access her.

Shadow self is the one who gets high performers and athletes create magic and be at the top of their games! Beyonce calls her Sasha Fierce, It was Michael Jordan when he was on the court, it's every athletes and champions when they are performing. To each their own.

So who’s bad?? Couldn't resist this one ;)


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