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Slim Down Your Niche waistline! Why trying to sell to everyone will kill you business!

Riddle time: Its' every entrepreneur and small business's nightmare but once you find it! It's like a Diamond! Have you guessed? Bravo! It's the niche of course! And the funny thing is that we do look for it like miners search for diamonds.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey I wanted to target and sell to everybody, I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about here. Like you, I used to believe that the bigger my market or my list, the more clients I would have or the more money I will make! What a lie!

However, the reason why we believe that is that intrinsically, we're scared that if we refine our niche or  target, we'll have less clients. Another lie!

Look, you're not Primark!

But Gen...I know, I know you want to save the world, you want to impact millions, you're a trailblazer and you want the world to be a better place and leave a legacy! I see you in your Wonder Woman outfit throwing your lassoo at every single living Soul! Listen -  even Jesus choose his Apostles!

wonder woman.jpg

Don't even try to keep everyone happy by targeting everybody. It won't workout for you or for them because you won't serve them as you would serve your perfect client match!

You need to be able to focus on your superniche aka "client de reve" with minute precision. Why?

The idea is to position yourself as the Go to Entrepreneur in your field of genius. In doing so, you'll easily influence and attract those outside of your target market because they will see you as an influencer and will gravitate towards you naturally! So drop your lassoo!

Remember: and while you're at it tweet this:

A small niche is a happy niche!

So why trying to sell to everyone will kill your business?

  • First it's not just about getting clients but rather connecting and inspiring people to do business us and invest in our services helping us in return fulfil our life purpose here on Earth.
  • Second, it takes resources to market to 7 Billion people! Who's got that marketing budget? Your resources (money, talent, skills and people) need to be intelligently invested in making sure that your target client knows that you're talking to them. They want to feel special, they want you to make them feel like they are the client in the world (Rihanna's voice). Scattering your resources will only leave you fatigued, confused and of course without coins!

So what do you do?

  • You take the courage to be very specific with who you want to work with, who excites you and challenges you. Dare to want to work with those people who wake up the genius in you because you're the solution to their problems.
  • Dare to create a brand that not only people want but also need because they recognise themselves and their values in your brand. You've got to be able to be freaking excited by your clients, because they love, respect and appreciate you.
  • Create a tribe of women or prospects that you know inside out! A tribe where it's actually fun, exciting and energising to be surrounded by you and what you stand for. Your aura will spread outside your tribe and others will line up to enter your tribe! Positive vibes are contagious!

The more specific you are, the less you'll try to please everyone and be liked by everyone. It's ok for some people not to like you and you have to embrace and be cool with that! It means you're doing the right thing for you, your clients and your business. A little secret: that will make your tribe feel even more special (wink).


To your Luxurious success!

I would love to know what's your biggest takeaway from this post so share away in the comment below.

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