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What my 5 year old said that left me floating in awe!

Meet Jeremiah a.k.a JJ, my 5 year old younger son and my inspiration!

This boy is full of energy, like a lot of 5 year olds but with a bonus. He's totally fearless and unstoppable.

We just came back from a wonderful family holiday on the French Riviera and I'm filled with inspiration nuggets I want to share with my tribe starting with this one.

As you can see from the picture, JJ can't swim yet so he's wearing his safety jacket to allow him to enjoy the swimming pool with us all and most of all his older siblings.

As you can also see, I (a.k.a the over protective mother) was always beside him you know just to make sure that he kept floating.

While JJ was getting comfortable in the water, his older siblings were diving, jumping, water bombing and doing all sorts of crazy stuff in the pool and of course the fearless boy that he is wanted to do the same. Floating on the surface was not fun enough.

Of course I tried to stop him and of course it didn't work. He firmly told me that he could do it too and to watch him; so I allowed him.

 Yeah this was my face while I was watching

Yeah this was my face while I was watching

So he came out of the pool and started running back towards the water full speed and jumped in with a splash!

Then came the defining moment, trying to sound encouraging and a proud mama I uttered: " did it!"

With all his cool and in a calm voice he replied:

"Yep, I believe in myself!"

In other words, back off woman and let me be!

Protective shield busted! I was Awestruck and left to float like an idiot in the pool. At that moment I realised that instead of encouraging him,  I tried to project all my fears and worries onto him but it just bounced off  and came back to me as a reflection of my own lack of belief in myself.

Where we parents see danger sometimes, our children see the opportunity to experience something new and grow.

I believe that children are our greatest teachers because they are still full of pure creative energy and in touch with Source Energy.

That day, my son reminded me the importance of believing in oneself! How ironic that I'm the coach, I'm the one who empowers and encourages others to believe in themselves enough so they can create the lives they came to live but that day, I needed a reminder and the lesson beautifully came through this beautiful little Soul.

I would love to hear from you and any lesson your kids or a child taught you or reminded you of. Feel free to share in the comment below. I can't wait to read your comments!

To your crazy success,