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Life Lessons From Monaco!


I just came back from a very relaxing and wonderful family holiday in the French Riviera and one of the places I really wanted to see and visit was the Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo.

If you don’t know Monaco, it’s situated on the French Mediterranean Coast very close to the Italian border.

It's famous for It’s Royal family

 Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III

Monaco is famous for it’s Formula 1 circuit

The line up of super expensive yachts, where celebrities and other wealthy people flock and have private parties.

It’s Casino and display of beautiful cars

While we were mingling with the tourists and admiring the beauty of the city and the lifestyle of the “rich and fabulous”, I started reflecting on the whole scene that I was at the same time participating in and witnessing.

So here are my 2 takeaways from Monaco:

1/ 98% observing the 2%

What struck me was that 98% of the people I was surrounded by including myself were only observers! We came to observe the wealthy display their lavish lifestyles. 

I realised that I did not want to be an observer and never have been. Eeek! Most of the 98% will take pictures and go back to their normal lives and keep living life as observers watching others on TV, scrolling down Social Media envying those who make things happen and create epic lives!

Don’t get me wrong. I was not enviousof the lavish lifestyle, the expensive cars or the yachts. What I saw was the possibility. Again, everything comes down to perception.

I saw the possibility of creating a life that allows you to live life the way you want, own a yacht if you want to, spend time in the most luxurious places and be surrounded by likeminded people and what not!

The most important thing for me is self actualisation and being the grandest version of yourself you can be and if your journey takes you on a yacht, then embrace it and enjoy the ride!!

2/ The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer? 

I’m all about mindset so I’ll take any opportunity I have to tie my experiences with my teachings to serve you better and help you breakthrough. The reason why I say the rich are getting richer is because on a larger scale, poor people (the observers) are thinking like poor people. 

So no wonder why “they” keep experiencing shortage, lack and poverty. By the poor, of course, I do not mean people living in under developed countries and lacking of the bare necessities to survive. 

I want you to stop being an observer and start creating your life, consciously and on purpose no matter what your idea of a good life is. If it’s owning a farm and raising chicken, so be it!

We need to stop being victims of our circumstances and being spoon fed what we need to be, do, think and have. And here’s the problem with being spoon fed, you only get what’s on the spoon!

Stop thinking that some people are lucky and some are just doomed or unfortunate. Opportunity is knocking on everybody’s door everyday all day;  but some people are deaf and others are too scared to open the door.

You, as much as anybody else are creating your life through your thoughts, words and most importantly feelings. You can read more about how your emotions affect your experience here

And because I could not leave Monaco without having a bite, me and my Beau treated ourselves to a super delicious and lavish night out!

Cheers to your crazy Success!