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How To MAKE YOUR BRAND Irresistible!

There are many things for you as a brand that will help in differentiate you from the crow but in my experience there is one thing that will make you stand out: can you guess? 

That one thing is the Experience that your brand provides to your ideal clients: There are two elements to that: the Experience itself and Feeling!


Let me introduce you to The Billionaire Soft Serve:

Photo credit of Selfridges.

Photo credit of Selfridges.

What's this you ask? Well, here's the details:

It's: "A "billionaire's ice cream" with extra bling has gone on sale at London's Selfridge's department store this week.

The overblown cone weighs in at 350g (that's nearly as much as the contents of a tub of Haagen-Dazs) and is made to order by luxury ice cream producer Snowflake Gelato.

And it doesn't come cheap. The Billionaire’s Soft Serve is on sale for £99 ($127) — making it the most expensive ice cream in Britain's capital.

Here's a run down of what you get for your money:

  • Salted caramel gelato.
  • A handmade cone dipped in rare criollo Madagascan dark chocolate.
  • Gelato spheres of mango, ginger, and passion fruit.
  • A Belgian white chocolate truffle filled with salted caramel sauce.
  • A raspberry sorbet macaroon decorated with white chocolate glaze and edible diamonds.
  • A healthy sprinkling of 24-carat gold leaf, a golden flake, and a spoon.

You'll have to wait 15 minutes while they assemble the ice cream, which is available exclusively at Snowflake Gelato's Selfridges boutique."


Bon appetit!!

This to me is a perfect exemple of what a unique luxurious experience is. It appeals to you our need for feeling special, our need for change and uncertainty! Yes, an ice cream that fulfils human needs? Oh yes!!

Besides, the price and availability elements tap into the exclusivity factor ;) and on top of that, they create expectation by making you with 15 min for a gelato!!!

You see, behind every product or service that is created, there's a need to be fulfilled. So takes notes and ask yourself how you can you create a unique experience for your clientele?

In my own professional experience I have seen and witnessed the power of creating a great experience in which sales happen gracefully.

During my years as a Sales Commercial Assistant at Chaumet Paris, I've had the pleasure to host with my team and manager, sales meetings at the Ritz Hotel, The Basel World in Switzerland and some of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in Paris and internationally.

So I can tell you from experience that when you create that unique experience for your customers your sales will skyrocket and will happen effortlessly.

I am so excited to be showing you how to do just that in my upcoming course Brand Line A Bo$$ a 30 Days Personal Brand Blueprint!

To give you a little hint, be aware that at every touch point in your business you must thrive to create an experience: on your mailing list, your posts, videos audios: what do you want people to experience through you, your brand or business?

Now let's move on to the second element:


A author of mine that I adore and highly recommend wrote a book called Feeling Is The Secret.

Feelings are key because people will always remember how you made them feel compared to what you say or do.

So bearing that in mind, ask yourself: what is the feeling you want people to have when interacting with you and your services? Feeling is the language of the subconscious and is key in magnetising your ideal client and audience.

Most of our human decisions spring from the heart and rarely from the mind or logic. The decision to work with you will depend on the way you made your prospect feel at the point of contact or through your videos, blogs...

Beyond the Know, Like and Trust factors, there is that likability factor that depend solely on the feeling that your prospects or ideal clientele attach to your Brand.

Grab your pen and paper and workout what feeling (s) you desire you Brand to spark in the heart of your ideal clients.

Enjoyed perusing this article? Share with me your takeaways and aha moments in the comments below! I can't wait to hear from you!

Genevieve Muwana

RoyalPreneur, Personal Brand Stylist & Mindset Coach


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