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7 Business Principles To Apply for Authentic Success!

Hey there!

Today I just want to share with you 7 powerful principles you can apply today to your business to create your own Authentic Success!

  1. Create a market and compete against your own performance, products and services so you can deliver massive value to your audience.

  2. Don’t compete with anybody in your market, get that out of your head. Create, Lead & Dominate . Your competitors should be your customer’s needs, no other people offering the same services as you!

  3. The moment you loose touch with your crowd, ideal clients, you loose your competitive edge.
  4. Set yourself apart by competing only against the evolving and growing needs of the people you serve and not other biz. Don’t try to be better than anybody else, outdo your last performance, program, video, post and keep adding great value to people.

  5. Let your desire to enrich and transform the lives of your ideal clients be your drivers! That will create raving fans for you! Focus on your customers and how to make their lives better in order to keep their eyes and minds on you when it comes to solving their problems and fulfil their needs.

  6. You will own your market when you exceed your customers expectations instead of trying to be better than x, y, z.
  7. Where your focus goes, your energy will flow so you’re here competing and comparing yourself to Mandy and because your attention is so focused on her every move, the posts and the what not…she becomes the leader in your perception! You’re screwed because you just lost sight of what really matters: your clients needs.

 You can’t become a leader as long as you compete and compare yourself trying to be like Jane Doe. You’ll never be better than someone you’re trying to emulate. If you waste your time studying the competition, you’ll only make yourself inferior to them and there you go having low self esteem issues!

STOP! You’re doing that to yourself.

Don't position yourself against someone else who's doing what you’re doing, who cares?

The only position you want to achieve is N1 in your prospects hearts & minds.

The Holy Ground is the Hearts & Minds of your people!


Believe me once you’re N1 in there, it will be hard for anybody to dethrone you, unless they deliver better value or solve their problems better.

I want you to create a new market where you lead & pave the way for other women to serve better and in a bigger way and to help you do that, I've created a FREE training series "How To Kiss Your Competition Goodbye So You Can Win the Hearts & Minds of Your ideal Clients." Click the link to get it or sign up in the right hand corner.

Share with me below not only your favourite principle but the one you're going to apply NOW!