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Persona Branding

Top 5 Personal Branding tips for Women Entrepreneurs!

As women entrepreneur, we spend a great deal of time perfecting our businesses' brands. However, as a Personal Brand Stylist, I've realised that many often pay less attention to the development of their personal brands. As the face of you company, thus your brand, crafting a personal brand aligned to your business's can  be a pivotal factor in helping you grow the confidence and grit to self promote and stand out!

Your personal brand is a combination of your identity, beliefs, passion, gifts and your purpose! It starts with you and ends in the hearts and minds of the people you're meant to serve. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon said that: personal brand is what others say about you when you're not in the room."

So how do you get others to talk about you and to talk about you in a way that reflects your personal brand? How do you cut through the noise and get others to stop and notice you? How do you get them to like, trust and ultimately invest their attention, respect and money in you?

The ones who stand out the most are the ones that get picked and followed. I recently heard that: people who are scared to be themselves will work for those who are not afraid of being themselves." So without further ado

will the real you please stand out?

Have you ever wondered how did others get the deals, attract their ideal clients and charged the value of their services? How do some people stand out and others just remain plain Jane? You're pretty aware that if others are doing it you can to right? In fact, if you look closely, they are better or smatter than you! They just believe they are and that allows them to cut through the noise of:

  • Social Media
  • Online Channels
  • All the people looking to attract the same clientele as you

Through all this noise, how can you sound and look different? Your ultimate goal being to leave an imprint even as small as a mustard seed in the hearts and minds of the people that matter the most to you and you are meant to serve. The people you want to like, trust and ultimately believe and invest in you.

There a three things you want people to invest in you:

  • Their attention: how do you get them to stop and notice the value of your services.
  • Their respect
  • Their moolah

Remember: the ones who stand out the most are the ones that get picked and followed

do What your soul fancies?

Baroness Mone of Mayfair OBE

Baroness Mone of Mayfair OBE

Besides from being on of the most sought after public speakers in the world, Michelle is passionate about giving back and over the years, she has partnered with a variety of charities raising substantial amounts of money for some of the most important charities on the planet. Currently, Michelle allocates a portion of her yearly schedule to charitable appearances and fundraisers. Source:

She mentors and supports young people in Scotland as part of her role as a director on the Board of Directors for The Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust. She's also been a long term supporter of  charities such as Caudwell Children and Breast Cancer UK.

What do you do best or what are you passionate about that you can add to your personal brand to make you stand out and leverage your uniqueness?

What is it about you that people can't find anywhere else or duplicate? Is it your character? Your values? Your competence? Your experience?

Only you have been through what you've been through and how you overcame it is your competence. You've graduated from set backs and knock downs; that qualifies you to be an expert in your chosen field.

Your presence and personality, the way you dress are unique to yourself. Make sure they're congruent with your values and mission statement.

dip you toe in the ocean

Dip your toe in the ocean

Dip your toe in the ocean

The Universe is large and this is an understatement in itself, What's available to us is grander than what we could ever imagine. However, we're so afraid to claim more than the tiny little space we occupy.

We settle for less.

We don't want to charge too much.

We don't want to attract too much attention.

We definitely don't want to sound loud, be seen as too much or showing off.

But wait! Those who win at this game called life are the ones who are not afraid to claim and occupy more space than others because actually, there's enough space for everybody. Nobody can ever overshadow you unless you let them.

If you really are serious about making a bigger impact, you've got to dip your toe in the ocean of abundance and possibility. Forget the river.

Je t'aime moi non plus aka be likeable


The "L" factor is a crucial element in your personal brand. You've heard that people buy from people they like, know and trust. No matter how many criticism Michelle and Barack Obama may have received during the presidency no-one seems to actually dislike her or them.

Why? They've not only open the White House's door to celebrities, they've opened their door to us, the people, even if you're not american you can't deny the proximity Michelle and her husband have brought between them and the people.

They've shown us that they are just like anybody and treat others in the same way I presume they would love to be treated.

Michelle showed the world that she is a mom raising two young teenagers. She showed that she genuinly cares about the things she discusses and causes she defends. Women can relate to her and her warmth passes through the tv-screens into the living rooms of people all over the world.

We don’t always judge people on their performance, instead, we judge performance based on how much we “like” someone!”

— MarMark McCormack

Press the refresh button

Victoria Beckham Style Evolution

Victoria Beckham Style Evolution

Your persona, the character you choose to play in the drama of life is an evolving persona. So many of us spend day and day out being the same consequently experiencing the same things over and over.

We grow through experiences so it's vital to press the refresh button every now and then and reinvent yourself so your personal brand can still capture the attention of your ideal clients and be counted!

Keep in mind that no matter how much your brand evolves and you reinvent your persona, your end goal or Soul mission doesn't change, who you are at your core never changes! A chameleon adapts to its environment and changes colours but it stays a chameleon!

Sometimes it takes very little. Just a different hair cut can bring a massive change to your facial features and boost your confidence. So how can you reinvent yourself today?


I want to hel yup create a market where you lead and pave the way for other women to serve better and in a bigger way. To help you do that, I've created a FREE training series "How To Kiss Your Competition Goodbye So You Can Win The Hearts & Minds of your  ideal clients".