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7 Business Principles To Apply for Authentic Success!

Hey there!

Today I just want to share with you 7 powerful principles you can apply today to your business to create your own Authentic Success!

  1. Create a market and compete against your own performance, products and services so you can deliver massive value to your audience.

  2. Don’t compete with anybody in your market, get that out of your head. Create, Lead & Dominate . Your competitors should be your customer’s needs, no other people offering the same services as you!

  3. The moment you loose touch with your crowd, ideal clients, you loose your competitive edge.
  4. Set yourself apart by competing only against the evolving and growing needs of the people you serve and not other biz. Don’t try to be better than anybody else, outdo your last performance, program, video, post and keep adding great value to people.

  5. Let your desire to enrich and transform the lives of your ideal clients be your drivers! That will create raving fans for you! Focus on your customers and how to make their lives better in order to keep their eyes and minds on you when it comes to solving their problems and fulfil their needs.

  6. You will own your market when you exceed your customers expectations instead of trying to be better than x, y, z.
  7. Where your focus goes, your energy will flow so you’re here competing and comparing yourself to Mandy and because your attention is so focused on her every move, the posts and the what not…she becomes the leader in your perception! You’re screwed because you just lost sight of what really matters: your clients needs.

 You can’t become a leader as long as you compete and compare yourself trying to be like Jane Doe. You’ll never be better than someone you’re trying to emulate. If you waste your time studying the competition, you’ll only make yourself inferior to them and there you go having low self esteem issues!

STOP! You’re doing that to yourself.

Don't position yourself against someone else who's doing what you’re doing, who cares?

The only position you want to achieve is N1 in your prospects hearts & minds.

The Holy Ground is the Hearts & Minds of your people!


Believe me once you’re N1 in there, it will be hard for anybody to dethrone you, unless they deliver better value or solve their problems better.

I want you to create a new market where you lead & pave the way for other women to serve better and in a bigger way and to help you do that, I've created a FREE training series "How To Kiss Your Competition Goodbye So You Can Win the Hearts & Minds of Your ideal Clients." Click the link to get it or sign up in the right hand corner.

Share with me below not only your favourite principle but the one you're going to apply NOW!

Life Lessons From Monaco!


I just came back from a very relaxing and wonderful family holiday in the French Riviera and one of the places I really wanted to see and visit was the Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo.

If you don’t know Monaco, it’s situated on the French Mediterranean Coast very close to the Italian border.

It's famous for It’s Royal family

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III

Monaco is famous for it’s Formula 1 circuit

The line up of super expensive yachts, where celebrities and other wealthy people flock and have private parties.

It’s Casino and display of beautiful cars

While we were mingling with the tourists and admiring the beauty of the city and the lifestyle of the “rich and fabulous”, I started reflecting on the whole scene that I was at the same time participating in and witnessing.

So here are my 2 takeaways from Monaco:

1/ 98% observing the 2%

What struck me was that 98% of the people I was surrounded by including myself were only observers! We came to observe the wealthy display their lavish lifestyles. 

I realised that I did not want to be an observer and never have been. Eeek! Most of the 98% will take pictures and go back to their normal lives and keep living life as observers watching others on TV, scrolling down Social Media envying those who make things happen and create epic lives!

Don’t get me wrong. I was not enviousof the lavish lifestyle, the expensive cars or the yachts. What I saw was the possibility. Again, everything comes down to perception.

I saw the possibility of creating a life that allows you to live life the way you want, own a yacht if you want to, spend time in the most luxurious places and be surrounded by likeminded people and what not!

The most important thing for me is self actualisation and being the grandest version of yourself you can be and if your journey takes you on a yacht, then embrace it and enjoy the ride!!

2/ The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer? 

I’m all about mindset so I’ll take any opportunity I have to tie my experiences with my teachings to serve you better and help you breakthrough. The reason why I say the rich are getting richer is because on a larger scale, poor people (the observers) are thinking like poor people. 

So no wonder why “they” keep experiencing shortage, lack and poverty. By the poor, of course, I do not mean people living in under developed countries and lacking of the bare necessities to survive. 

I want you to stop being an observer and start creating your life, consciously and on purpose no matter what your idea of a good life is. If it’s owning a farm and raising chicken, so be it!

We need to stop being victims of our circumstances and being spoon fed what we need to be, do, think and have. And here’s the problem with being spoon fed, you only get what’s on the spoon!

Stop thinking that some people are lucky and some are just doomed or unfortunate. Opportunity is knocking on everybody’s door everyday all day;  but some people are deaf and others are too scared to open the door.

You, as much as anybody else are creating your life through your thoughts, words and most importantly feelings. You can read more about how your emotions affect your experience here

And because I could not leave Monaco without having a bite, me and my Beau treated ourselves to a super delicious and lavish night out!

Cheers to your crazy Success!



What my 5 year old said that left me floating in awe!

Meet Jeremiah a.k.a JJ, my 5 year old younger son and my inspiration!

This boy is full of energy, like a lot of 5 year olds but with a bonus. He's totally fearless and unstoppable.

We just came back from a wonderful family holiday on the French Riviera and I'm filled with inspiration nuggets I want to share with my tribe starting with this one.

As you can see from the picture, JJ can't swim yet so he's wearing his safety jacket to allow him to enjoy the swimming pool with us all and most of all his older siblings.

As you can also see, I (a.k.a the over protective mother) was always beside him you know just to make sure that he kept floating.

While JJ was getting comfortable in the water, his older siblings were diving, jumping, water bombing and doing all sorts of crazy stuff in the pool and of course the fearless boy that he is wanted to do the same. Floating on the surface was not fun enough.

Of course I tried to stop him and of course it didn't work. He firmly told me that he could do it too and to watch him; so I allowed him.

Yeah this was my face while I was watching

Yeah this was my face while I was watching

So he came out of the pool and started running back towards the water full speed and jumped in with a splash!

Then came the defining moment, trying to sound encouraging and a proud mama I uttered: " did it!"

With all his cool and in a calm voice he replied:

"Yep, I believe in myself!"

In other words, back off woman and let me be!

Protective shield busted! I was Awestruck and left to float like an idiot in the pool. At that moment I realised that instead of encouraging him,  I tried to project all my fears and worries onto him but it just bounced off  and came back to me as a reflection of my own lack of belief in myself.

Where we parents see danger sometimes, our children see the opportunity to experience something new and grow.

I believe that children are our greatest teachers because they are still full of pure creative energy and in touch with Source Energy.

That day, my son reminded me the importance of believing in oneself! How ironic that I'm the coach, I'm the one who empowers and encourages others to believe in themselves enough so they can create the lives they came to live but that day, I needed a reminder and the lesson beautifully came through this beautiful little Soul.

I would love to hear from you and any lesson your kids or a child taught you or reminded you of. Feel free to share in the comment below. I can't wait to read your comments!

To your crazy success,

13 Qualities you need to become Unstoppable!

What's stopping you?

Pause for a moment and ask yourself: "What's stopping me? "

Is you mind ready to take you where your success is? Mental dominance and a strong mindset will make you unstoppable. So here are 13 qualities you must cultivate to become an unstoppable Badass!

  1. Keep pushing yourself harder and don't sit on your achievements. Complacency is your enemy!
  2. Celebrate your achievements but keep craving more! This doesn't mean that you're not content. You just know that you can always be more!
  3. Failure doesn't matter because there's more than one way to get what you want!
  4. Thrive on pressure! Get used to it!
  5. You'd rather be feared than liked! The most magnetic people have this quality about them!
  6. Even if the work pisses you off, you do it because you're addicted to the result you get!
  7. Make decisions! Be firm and stand by them!
  8. Be the one everybody is reaching out to to solve their problems! Of course you get paid for it!
  9. Know who you are at your core without the shadow of a doubt! And every time you show up she shows up!
  10. Have a close circle of people you can trust!
  11. Don't behave! Be like that little kid who refused to be told what to do!
  12. Find your flow, get into your vortex of genius and shut the door!
  13. Be bold, daring and fearless!
  14. This is a bonus: join my tribe of unstoppable

To achieve mastery, you have to achieve clarity. For you to achieve clarity, you need an influence outside of yourself. It's very hard for us to see ourselves in our greatest light without the perception of another. You need someone who has broken through the walls you've build around yourself to keep you safe and comfortable.

That's my Soul's calling. I'm here to challenge you, your opinions, thoughts and beliefs about yourself so you can express more of your inner power and be all you've been called to be and do!

If you're committed not to play anything less than a World Class game, join my tribe now and subscribe to my email tribe so you can receive more of this goodness!

To your crazy success!

Conscious vs Unconscious mind: The Battle of the Sexes or The Art of making your dreams reality!

Manifestation is an Art! An Art confined in the depth of your Consciousness. However it is and has always been available to you through your Conscious and Unconscious minds. I like using the term "battle of the sexes" because the whole process is likened to the eternal dance between the Male and Female.

The Law of Consciousness

The world and everything around it is the projection of your Consciousness and on a global plane, the projection of humanity's Consciousness! Yes, we're pretty much in this shizzle together! Ha!

That being said, for your sanity, I'm going to keep this intimate and only speak to you my love because I really want you to get this.

The secret of creation and manifestation is contained within your Consciousness, within you! So you MUST get familiar with the Law of Consciousness and learn how to make it work for you so that you can manifest your deepest desires and turn water into wine!

What you see with your physical eyes in NOT the reality, it's the projection of your state of mind. The only reality is Consciousness and what happens inside of it!

Ok, to make it simple, picture Consciousness as a river or a stream that at some point splits into two parts: Conscious and Unconscious!


For you to be able to apply this Law efficiently, you must understand the relationship between the two.

The Formula:

You conceive an idea in your Conscious mind, your deepest burning desire and then impress it into your Subconscious (I will deal with the how in a moment) so it accepts it as being real. Knowing what you really want is crucial here! Your Subconscious then will nurture it and give it shape & form and ultimately give birth to your idea in the physical, in your life.

Understand that your Subconscious does not originates the ideas, it will accept EVERYTHING your Conscious mind will feed into it. Remember that it's impersonal so whether your dreaming, pretending, faking it, it doesn't care!

So it's through your power to imagine and feel, your freedom of choice  to select your ideas, your craziest and wildest dreams and the thoughts that you'll entertain that you literally have control and dominion over the manifestation process!

How do you impress your Subconscious?

Through your ideas and most importantly, your FEELINGS!

The HOW of creation is buried deep within your Subconscious, the female aspect of Consciousness or the Womb of creation as it also referred to! See how you're powerful woman?

It transcends reason so NEVER worry about how what you want is going to come to you, you'll just postpone your manifestation!

Just based on the feelings that you attach to your desires good or bad, the Subconscious will proceed to give it shape and form in the visible! Is it that simple? Pretty much so why make it complicated?


If you can't feel your dreams, desires as though they were already manifested, it will be really hard for you to manifest them and for your Subconscious to accept them.

You MUST feel it ‘til you make it!

Feeling is the only medium through which your ideas, ideals and desires are conveyed to your Subconscious. So your biggest part is to control your feelings or you'll impress your Subconscious with he stuff that you don't want.

By control I don't mean that you have to suppress your feelings but rather discipline yourself to only feel the good things, only feel in the goodness and sweetness of what you want to experience, see and feel in your life. The things that make you happy!

Avoid criticism or entertaining negative thoughts, speaking negatively of yourself...because if you do, you're basically telling your Subconscious what to bring into your experience.

Every feeling leaves a foot print or makes a subconscious impression and unless you counteract it by a more powerful one, you'll manifest it! That's why so many people experience things they don't want and think that life is unfair or that they're just victims of their circumstances; when in reality, they've felt everything into their reality!


The dominant of two feelings is always the one expressed!

You want to make more money but deep down inside your feeling is that you never have enough. If your fear is stronger than your desire to manifest more money, you'll experience shortage.

This is because what you feel you are today will always have more impact than what you feel you would be like in the future. So your desire to manifest  more money MUST be felt as if it had already happened rather than far off in the future. Hence why NOW is always the coolest place to be either in your physical reality or in your dreams!

If you want to create Miracles, you must feel the reality of your desires, the reality of what you want to be, do and have and living your life now acting on that conviction.


For this reason I tell you, whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
— Mark 11:24

If you want to change your life and your circumstances, you have to not only think differently, you must FEEL differently.

Change your feelings, change your destiny!

To wrap it up:

  • Your Subconscious never alters your ideas or desires. It will always out picture what you've impressed on it through your Conscious mind.
  • It is impersonal and doesn't care whether what you feel is true, faked, right or wrong.
  • Whatever your mind conceives and your heart feels, you can achieve because your Subconscious by Law must make it manifest.
  • Your feelings create your experiences.
  • Your Subconscious accepts your feelings as facts and will immediately get to work and look for ways to bring them in your experience.
  • You must feel it 'til you make it and act, think & behave as if it was already manifested.
  • How your ideas and desires will manifest is beyond reason and none of your business!

If you have the desire to be do or have something, that desire is the proof that you have the power to do it!

Remember: Desire is Divine Power seeking expression!

To achieve mastery, you have to achieve clarity. For you to achieve clarity, you need an influence outside of yourself. It's very hard for us to see ourselves in our greatest light without the perception of another. You need someone who has broken through the walls you've build around yourself to keep you safe and comfortable.

That's my Soul's calling. I'm here to challenge you, your opinions, thoughts and beliefs about yourself so you can express more of your inner power and be all you've been called to be and do!

If you're committed not to play anything less than a World Class game, join my tribe now and subscribe to my email tribe so you can receive more of this goodness!

To your crazy success!


Slim Down Your Niche waistline! Why trying to sell to everyone will kill you business!

Slim Down Your Niche waistline! Why trying to sell to everyone will kill you business!

Riddle time: Its' every entrepreneur and small business's nightmare but once you find it! It's like a Diamond! Have you guessed? Bravo! It's the niche of course! And the funny thing is that we do look for it like miners search for diamonds.

WHO'S BAD? How Shadow Self Can Increase Your Success Factor!

You know you're bad and have this secret attraction towards everything bad so why resist? Ok, just kidding!

No seriously, you were born free and you've learn to be caged and cage yourself. We were born relentless taught to be relent. We come to this life in the purest form and little by little we learn to veil our Souls and dim our Divine lights just so we can please mum and dad, be good  girls until good girls go bad and rebel! But why wait until you come to a breaking point?

Tu succeed in life or biz we literally have to be like babies again: we do things our way. If your a parent, you know that nobody can argue with babies, its their ways or nothing and then we train them to adapt, adapt to exterior rules, we tame them. Don Miguel Ruiz speaks of domestication! He says that we literally "train our children like we train dogs." It may sound harsh to you but if you haven'r read "The Four Agreements" please do so. I highly recommend it!         

When we’re born, we are  totally, wholly and insatiably relentless. But at one point in  life we stop doing what comes naturally because we’re taught that it was bad. The first time we said "No" to our parents, was the moment the "domestication" started. We took all our urges, gut feelings and desires and hid them where no one could see them; deep down inside.

No wonder why when we’re older being who we truly are is so difficult. Now you need to learn to say "No", you wait to be told and given the permission to say no. You need to know that you're safe now, there's no one to please anymore. 

We have to go back in and dig deep in that secret place, reconnect with our desires and grant ourself the permission we’ve been stolen when we were kids and finally stand up and be who we really are.

Most of the times, it needs to be triggered to come out. You know when someone tells you you can't do something and you get pissed off and outperform? Yeah, THAT feeling!

We need to reclaim that part of ourselves that rebelled when being told what to do or did not want to conform or behave, that shadow is what will allow us to be great and fully self express our highest selves. Because that shadow is the REAL YOU!

Your shadow self is the fearless, bold and relentless one. The one you've put to sleep but at the same time, the one you need to help you kick ass and get things done. She lives in the Zone and that's the only place you can access her.

Shadow self is the one who gets high performers and athletes create magic and be at the top of their games! Beyonce calls her Sasha Fierce, It was Michael Jordan when he was on the court, it's every athletes and champions when they are performing. To each their own.

So who’s bad?? Couldn't resist this one ;)


Clic here to join a tribe of bad ass women entrepreneurs on their journey to create Luxe businesses, making more impact and generating more income!

See you there,



Market like Coco & Louis, The Luxe Way!



I must admit, I am obsessed with Luxury, Luxury brands and what makes them so in demand and the reason why people pay premium prices to have access to them.

Having worked in the Luxury markets for quite a while, I’ve always (secretly) wanted to run my Coaching business in the same way, offering luxurious services and unparalleled value to my dream clients.

But I’ve been my worst nightmare and own saboteur since the beginning , afraid that if I priced my services too high, no one would buy, if I present myself as me, others would be intimidated…It has been the biggest disservice to myself and so many more. 

Ironically, in my first business (Image Consulting), I’ve managed to secure big clients (BBC, London College of Fashion), partner with Harvey Nichols and the likes of Armani but somehow, when it came to my second venture, I froze.

I dived back in and went back to my love and followed my heart. I’m all about doing it Coco Chanel and Loui’s way and creating an epic brand with crazy sexy value and I know you’re gonna like it!

Say goodbye to Premium and hello to Luxury!

 It is quite a bold statement and that’s what you’re here for. Being bold and thinking big. When you think premium, you use a comparative approach, Luxury is about creating high brand value and having a pricing power that knock you peers down ;)

Luxury is not just ridiculously polished, qualitative expensive products, it’s a strategy that even Apple use to dominate its market so put your big girl pants on and let’s get in the game.

As with every strategies, there are rules to observe and live by. Vincent Bastien calls them the anti-laws of marketing. I’ve retained only those that you can apply to your service based business asmost Luxury brands are product based.

  • We don’t do positioning babe, in Luxury we DO NOT compare.
  • Ask yourself: do my products or services have enough flaws to give it Soul? Yeah, we embrace our flaws.
  • Kick the non enthusiasts out of the club: only positive vibes allowed!
  • Make the access to your services exclusive (this will help you flush out your non ideal clients). You’re not for everybody, but you know that already right?
  • Keep your prospects separate from your actual clients, not everybody will have the same access to you.
  • We don’t use advertising to sell! No no!!
  • The perceived price/value of your services should always seem higher than the actual price! Perception is Queen!
  • Raise your prices as time goes on to increase demand. Clever hun?
  • DO NOT SELL! (My favourite)
  • We don’t look for approval! No, thank you! 
  • It’s a status quo free zone!

Let’s now look at the first law which I think is imperative to your success:

1/ We don’t do positioning babe, in Luxury we DO NOT compare.

We play on our uniqueness and the qualities that differentiate us from others. Positioning is very much an approach used in consumer marketing and very much focused on USP (Unique Selling Point…)

With the Luxe approach, we don’t position or compare ourselves to others. You have to be bold and gutsy enough to proudly stand tall letting your Higher Badass Self shine super bright! Just like Coco, we create identities, not positions!

Your brand Identity is pretty much like your individuality, its unique, timeless and undivided. Many are gone and will be remembered for centuries to come; think Cleopatra, MJ… (I know, there’s absolutely no link between , Cleo and MJ but they were the first that came to mind).

The second law I would like to dig a bit deeper in is:

2/ Status Quo Free Zone.

The reason being is that with the status quo, you hardly aim higher. You’re just gonna try and do a bit better. Yeah big, bold goals are scary but if you play safe, you’ll just end up playing competition and comparison games with everybody else. But if you 10x and shoot for the moon, you're committing to ditching the rules and your excuses, shifting your perspective and squeezing all your creative juice to make shit happen!

However, aiming to 10x doesn't mean that you're going to attain the 10x but even if you just reach 2x, you would have made more progress than aiming too low and reaching only 5% of your target.

This is just an appetiser to a live training I'm working on where I will teach you The Luxe Strategy more in depth so you can set yourself and your business apart, attract high paying clients who will value and invest in your business! You can sign up for the live training here.

Make sure you subscribe to my list and join The Entrepreneur de Luxe private Facebook group!

See you there!

To your success!