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the confidence cure!

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it doesn't matter how talented you are, if you're not confident, you'll never be the shit hot boss woman you're cut to be! So cheers to your confidence cure!

Bonjour! I'm Gen and totally stocked to introduce you to The Confidence Cure! An 8-week online coaching experience built to pump back confidence in your blood!

The Confidence Cure is a deep dive intimate coaching experience born out of a hunger to fix the shortage of confident women bosses in the world! Too big a mission statement? I don't think so! So many women play small and never go for what they want BECAUSE they lack confidence! When asked what's holding them back, why they don't show up Bold, Unapologetic, Fierce, Powerful and Unfunkable with? One of the top 2 answers is CONFIDENCE! So tell me..

Have you been cowering in your fear of failure? Fear that you'll live the rest of your life the way you're living now? Or maybe you lack the confidence or belief in self required for you to launch your own business or move to the next level? Perhaps you're a newbie so you just guess that you can't charge what you want? Even worse that if you increase your prices, no one will buy?

You know you're freaking brilliant at what you do but you're the only one who knows it because you don't have the confidence to show up more powerfully? You've helped countless of people for free but can't figure out why you're not getting any paying clients?

Do you spend days and nights investing your energy, heart and soul in second guessing yourself, your abilities, the value of your work and comparing yourself to Jane Doe?

and now you want to...

Restore the confidence in your work, so you can put your business first and get the value out of it!

Believe in your self and your abilities so much so that everything flows effortlessly from your core: the confidence, the divine inspired action and the results.

Have the visceral conviction that IT WILL WORK! Because it actually will and it's POSSIBLE!

Sell yourself on YOURSELF first so you can have your ideal clients banging on the door to work with you!

Show up boldly, Unapologetically, Powerfully and be Unfunkable with so you make a bigger impact!

Everywhere around you, there's proof of women doing EPIC shizzle in their businesses, making tons of money from their businesses, travelling the world through their businesses and living life on their terms by their own rules. It's not that they're better than you, they JUST believe in themselves more than you. THEY ARE MORE CONFIDENT! And You Can be Too!

When I started my Coaching business, I had no experience whatsoever in speaking or live training but the feedback I always got was how confident I came across and THAT has allowed me to get through big doors WITHOUT any previous proven experience. I knew  I was good at what I do and believed in the transformation I brought to my clients when we worked together.

If I'd had spent my days and night second guessing, doubting and holding back because I was a newbie, did not have prior experience, didn't look like every successful women entrepreneur out there, did not have the courage to go out and make things happen and ask for what I wanted, I would not be where I am today! And I'm still on my journey :)

But I did! Because the fire in my belly is just too hot for me not to move my derriere into action. My soul yearns for changing lives. I aggressively want to move forward and be able to sustain my lifestyle and provide for my 3 kids! Deep down inside there's a bold,  soulful woman waiting to unleash 10x more powerfully and show up even more unapologetically!!

Can you relate?

Fabulous! Introducing The Confidence Cure!


here's what you get when you take the cure:


That's right! Confidence is about having the balls to be who you really are and not apologise for it! We start with digging deep into who you are at you core, remove all the superficial layers you've put on  to fit and blend in! Urgh! We're going to find out why you're shrinking and unravel the true you!


Your beliefs shape your reality and your experience. For you to become a more confident version of yourself, you've got to change our beliefs about yourself and FAST! We're going to uncover the reasons why you think you're shy or not confident. I mean who told you that? When did you start believe all those lies about yourself that are keeping you small and invisible?


This week, we're going to work on your inner critic hard core because the most important voice is the silent voice in your head! That voice must be uplifting and not tear you down! You're going to learn to handle REJECTION with grace!


There's a specific and strategic way to use your language to boots your confidence. I'm gonna teach you ONE simple trick that will help you detach from your limiting beliefs one and for all! This stuff is POWERFUL yet very simple!


If you're like most people (PS: I know you're not ;) ) so let me rephrase...most people are not aware of the signals their body language send to their ideal clients and the people around. Winners have a certain way to hold themselves which conveys confidence and trust! You're gonna learn to put your body in the service of your new found confidence!


Time to rewire your brain for success! Your brain is the most powerful tool you've been given and you can pretty much program it to do WHATEVER you want it to do. Unfortunately, there's no manual out there that shows you how to use it to its full potential and to your own advantage so you're going to create your own manual!


There's NO WAY in the world I was going to run a coaching program without emphasising the importance of your personal image! Listen, as a female entrepreneur, you are the face of your business so the way you present yourself will send a direct message to your ideal clients that will unconsciously help them decide whether they will invest in you or not! 


Now it's time to MAKE SOME NOISE ma cherie! By now, if you've done the work you're ready to step into that stage, let your voice be heard and your light be seen. You've spent enough time on the sideline! We're gonna show up and show up powerfully!

Look! You're building an empire and leaving a legacy so you MUST be comfortable with having eyes on you because people need to see you for who you really are: a wonderful vessel with a powerful mission to change millions of lives!



You've been working way too hard to stay in the dark. You see, it's not your skills or your performance that's holding you back! It's your level of confidence and belief in yourself that's been keeping you stuck in the mud of indecisiveness, doubt and mediocrity. Unable to take risks or share your message in a much more bigger way and stand out!

At this point lovely, you're gonna have to develop ULTIMATE self belief to be able to lead your tribe and turn followers into leaders!

STOP looking around and become the ONE they look up to!

We're going to meet for 8 weeks in the comfort of your own Queendom. The training will be delivered through videos. You'll have a lifetime access to the training so you will be able to move and revisit at your own pace! There'll be plenty of exercises for you to work through and anchor your new behaviour and mindset.  

I will personally keep you accountable in a private Facebook group so we can monitor your progress and answer all your questions. I'm committed to your success if you're ready to sweat and cry some tears! 

I'm really excited to have you onboard and watch you shine baby!

Leave you comfort zone to jump into your risk zone and you're gonna love it!

Raise your voice because your silence is neither serving you nor the world! You want to make a difference right?

Love the heaven out of yourself because you'll know that the more you love yourself, the more your audience will be attracted to you!

Stop self sabotage because now your inner critic is your BFF! Ha!

Morph in to the BEST version of yourself and keep wanting for more! It's all about the journey honey!

Be more than comfortable to charge whatever you want because you'll find out that your worth is not tied to how much you get paid!

Show up 10x more powerfully with ease and grace! 

Stop playing the heck small!

Leverage your uniqueness and trust your inner voice!

Move forward more aggressively!

Go for what you want without giving a damn what everybody is saying or thinking!

And so much more...

Oh and look hot on top of that! I mean...

Ready to turn the water of self-doubt, low-self-esteem and self-sabotage into the Wine of Supreme Confidence?

the cherry on the cake...

Because nothing beats a live experience, you'll get the chance to be coached by me live and ask me all your questions live! It's going to be EPIC! A live kick up your beautiful ass!! I seriously can't wait!


Do yourself a favour, start the year with a BANG! Join today!

See you on the other side of fear gorgeous!


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