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 Monaco Cruise 2016

Are you feeling the call to Expansion?

Are you feeling that the time has come to Stop Playing Small and finally Go Big?

Is your Soul calling you to Fully Express Shamelessly and Unapologetically?

Is it freaking finally time you grow into the Wonder Woman you were created to be? 

Be honest with yourself and finally Admit that You Crave It All and you'll go after it come hell or high water and Nothing is going to stop you from fulfilling your desires!

You deserve it! It's your Divine Birthright!

In fact, nothing can stop you from living the lavish lifestyle you desire except...YOU!

As long as you limit yourself by thinking that what you need is outside of you and that only a few lucky (let's say the 1%) can have their desires fulfilled and that you have to work hard for it, you'll never experience graceful wealth!

You deserve to breakthrough the barriers of your own resistance and create a World Class Personal Brand!

You deserve to Cultivate and Monetise your God given gifts!

You deserve to bring to life your own personal brand of creativity, sizzle and spark!

You deserve to move people towards their own higher visions!

The life of your Business depends on your connection with your own Life Force, your Brand Elixir! And it all comes down to Self Mastery!

For you to achieve self mastery, you must blast your inner limitations, the ones who have the power to prevent you from sprinkling your creative genius on those who really need you and commit to your magical journey until the end.



To Achieve mastery, You Have To Achieve Clarity!

Clarity comes with the help of an influence outside of yourself for the simple reason that it is hard to see yourself without the eyes of another.

You deserve someone to challenge you, your opinions, beliefs and habits.

You deserve someone who can see through the wall you've built around yourself to keep you safe, comfortable and SMALL!

If you are committed to playing Nothing but a World Class Game, Welcome To My World Bomb Ass!

Some places have such a high vibe that you have no choice but to raise your vibration to align or go home!

Monaco is one of those places. From the minute I stepped in, I knew that this was the perfect spot for a luxurious VIP day that my clients would totally align with and respond with an orgasmic big fat YES to!

I'm beyond excited to be able to offer this experience to you lucky Bee! THIS is the perfect container for you to grow into the bad ass version of yourself! Once you've soaked up the energy of this place, it will be impossible for you to stay or play small.

So if you're ready for the ultimate expansion, this Crazy Sexy VIP Experience is for ya!

you'll be able to.jpeg

Challenge and brake free from the flock of mediocrity and sameness and join the high rank of flamboyant flamingos!

Find or rediscover your own unique voice so you can broadcast yourself differently!

Stand tall and Stand out! No more crouching around trying to blend in or make yourself small!

Discover how to create or reinvent your own authentic personal brand and ultimately

Monetise it so you can create the impact only you can create and live out your dreamed life!

Master your mind so you can be the best selling author of your own reality and life experience! Nothing beats that! That's why you're here!

Own your swizzle so you can move from "I want" to "I create". Trust me, there's a whole universe between the two!

When you create a powerful and authentic personal brand, you'll always be able to get back in the game when shizzle hits the fan!

You might loose everything, but you'll never loose you because personal branding is the process of finding (or rather re-membering) and owning You! And once your own You, no one can take that away from you! Got it?


You and I will spend two glorious days in Monaco, three if you choose to have a branding photoshoot!

Day 1 

  • You arrive at Nice Cote D'Azur airport where a chauffeur will welcome and drive you to your hotel. (The cost of your stay is not included however, I am happy for my team to select the hotel for you ;) )
  • Later you'll indulge in an inclusive luxurious 2h pampering spa session. I want you to be in the best receptive state for our time together.
  • You will have the evening to relax and prepare for our intensive the next day.

Day 2

  • This when we get down to business.
  • Intensive Coaching VIP day.
  • After our Intensive, you'll have unlimited email access to me for 30 days as well as 60min follow up coaching session.
  • A personalised action plan to start monetising and broadcasting your brand.

your investment: $10,500***

Payment Plan Available***

Day 3

  • Day 3 is all about getting your magical branding photoshoot:
  • Whole team of Make Up artist, Hair Dresser, Stylist and Photograph at your disposal for an epic photoshoot
  • Your photoshoot outfits would have been chosen prior to your travel thanks to a bespoke wardrobe consultation with me and an onsite personal shopper getting your clothes ready in Monaco for your big day. Further details will be provided once you sign up!

your investment: $13,500***

Payment Plan Available***